About Us


Welcome to CHEVENTURE!
Cheventure came up as an idea to bring convenience to all when we are living in a busy and fast-paced society.In March 2018 we start up our Website/App, Our goal is to make life easier by bringing everyone and everything you need, just at the touch of your fingertip. We strive to provide excellent services with the help of everyone and every business coming together as one.
Cheventure is the service platform for everyone to venture yourself by selling or buying services that you wish.
Everyone is welcome to join as:
- Service Providers (person that provides services to Users/Customers)
- Users/Customers (person that uses the services provided by the service providers)
You are welcome to provide any type of services at our platform or you can indulge in the various types of services at Cheventure. People from all walks of life can join us, whether you’re a boss, a mum-at-home, a budding company or you just have some free time on hand and wish to earn some extra cash! No matter who you are, you’re welcome to Cheventure!
If it happens that the type of service you wish to provide is not in one of our categories, please kindly inform us via us so we can try our best to add it in for you. Any feed-backs about our website or any suggestions for improvements are greatly welcomed, just drop us an email at cheventure.info@gmail.com.
We hope that Cheventure could ease your burden and help you with life in little ways! We hope to bring everyone together and bring convenience for all :) Have an amazing day and hope you enjoy your time at Cheventure! 
Welcome to the Cheventure family.