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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1 How can I become a service provider?

To be our service provider, click "Be Our Provider" from the drop down menu of your account option in the upper-right screen. 

2 How do I change/update my contact details?

You may change/update your contact detail(s) by clicking "Profile" from the drop down menu of your account option in the upper-right screen, then click on "Personal details". 

3 Where do I view my confirmed bookings?                                                                                                

You can view your bookings under provider’s calender.                                                         

4 Can I edit service details after I published it?

Yes. You can click on the pencil icon (refers to edit details) given below the service to edit your details.            

5 Can I view all my completed bookings? 

Yes. You can click on "History" (on provider menu at left-side of the screen) to view all your bookings also including any bookings you've cancelled.

6 Will there be any charges when I post a service?                                                                                   

No, there will be no charges when you post a service. You will only be charged when you completed the service. 

7 Can I cancel bookings? How many cancellation are allowed?

Yes 20 cancellation are allowed per week, from the 21st cancellation onwards, RM 2 will be charged per cancellation.

8 If users cancel the booking at the last 24 hours before appointment, will I be compensated for the loss service?

Yes , service provider will get Rm 2 for every cancellation made by the user within the last 24 hours.

9 What if I did not show up for my service appointment?                                                                   

It will be considered as a service cancellation, and you will be fined RM 2 from the 21st cancellations/ did not show up for services.