How to use - Provider

Let’s get started!

Welcome to CHEVENTURE platform
Step 1 Create an account by signing up here
Step 2 You will be prompted to verify your account from your email, after signing up is completed, proceed to update your personal profile.
Step 3 From your main page, click on the ☰ select “ Be our provider ”
Step 4 Fill up the submission form accordingly and submit you application to be a Provider, you will receive your email confirmation in 24 hours.
(You can choose either “company” or “personal”, you will need to upload a clear image of your identification card (both front and back) or your passport for personal providers. If you are signing up as a company, you will also need to fill in your company registration number.) 
(You can enter your google map URL to have easy access of your service location for the users (your customers). Please copy your google map address url from Maps application.)
Step 5 You can now create your first service, but it will only be available for booking once your application has been verified by Cheventure admin.
Creating Services (For apps version)
Step 1 From your main page, click on the ☰ under Provider select “ My Service” and click “Add Service” to create your first service.
Step 2 Firstly, choose your available dates that you are able to provide services by selecting the days and timing (e.g: Monday 12pm-6pm, Wednesday and Sunday 9am-3pm) service days and time are flexible and of your own choosing.
Step 3 Secondly, enter the time needed for each service slot. Minimum is 1 hour. (e.g: 1hours is needed for one slot)
Step 4 Lastly, enter the number of pax allow for each slot. (e.g: Within 1 hours 3 bookings are allowed to book at the same time)
Step 5 Your selected days will be marked in green colour on your calender at the right side of the page. You are allow to deselect any particular days from your “fixed days” that you are unable to provide services. (e.g: You provide services on every Monday but on a particular Monday you are not able to provide services, you can deselect that day from the calender)
Step 6 Fill up the form! Upload up to 6 photos of your services, choose your category and subcategory. Write your description, service type and price.
Step 7 Add on services are available (e.g: you are providing a air-conditioner servicing, you can “add on” service if a filter change is needed)
Step 8 Note for user is available, you can type in any notes you like the users to know. (e.g: you only provide services in a certain area and not the whole of Johor Bahru)
Step 9 Check that all information is correct and then.. time to publish your services!
Step 10 To check on your published services, you can view, edit or delete them at “My Service” You can also put your services on off status mode by clicking the switch button, services that are switched off will not be visible to the public(users) and will not be available for booking.
Bookings Received
Step 1 Once your account has been verified, any services you have created will be shown publicly on the platform, remember to on the switch so your servies can be booked by the users.
Step 2 Once there is a booking for you, you will receive a notification on your provider’s page, under calender it will show a number sign, a notification will also be sent to your registered phone number (message). You will need to click on the “confirm” button at the calendar to acknowledge the service booking.
Step 3 Wait for the service day to complete your service!
Step 4 Once service has been done, press the “complete” button to receive your earnings in your P-Wallet. Please take note that there will be a charge for every successful transaction.You need to withdraw under provider P-Wallet and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw.It will take up to 3 working days to process and bank into your account, please be patient. An email will be sent to you once your withdrawal amount has been approved by Cheventure.
Step 5 Completed services allows users to leave ratings of 0-5 stars and write reviews for your services, it will be shown publicly on your service page.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email if you have any enquires. >